EDC 534 LEAP #1: Critically Analyzing a Mentor Text

February 14, 2019

For my first Digital Authorship project, I needed to find a mentor text and analyze and interpret its content.  I chose a Mazda car commercial I had recently seen while watching TV one night after my son and husband had gone to bed.  Typically, when they go to bed and the house is "mine", I work on my knitting and watch all the shows I have collected on my DVR.  This list of shows usually involves some "reality" content that is inappropriate for a 2 year old and of NO interest to my husband (think: Real Housewives of ANYWHERE).  While I enjoy the benefit of fast-forwarding through commercials, sometimes my hands are (literally) full with my knitting so some commercial content sneaks through.  I remember vaguely listening for the commercials to be over as I counted stitches and stopping short in disbelief.  Did that just say what I thought it said? was my initial thought.  So I rewound the footage.  Yep.  It sure did.  Mazda was using the phrase "Flee That Nest".  I knew I had to dig deeper into this message.



I created the following screencast offering my interpretation of the messages involved in this mentor text.  I have also included the original ad without commentary for your viewing pleasure.


Critical Analysis of MAZDA CX 5 Commercial


 Original MAZDA CX 5 Commercial




Hobbs, R. (2017) Create to learn: Introduction to digital literacy. New York, NY: Wiley



Mazda [Mazda USA]. (2018, May 15). Mazda CX-5 Anthem [Video file]. Retrieved

               from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J69QkakzvFE



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